Tuition Center - Refurbishment




Program: The tuition center sought the common spaces; pantry, reception and teacher’s lounge to be redesigned to rejuvenate a school tuition academy of 5th to 10th grade.

Our design intervention integrates all these three common spaces and connects them via an interactive passage, making the recreational spaces perceived as a single entity.


Colour theory: The corrugated facade of equilateral triangles transit from yellow to red planes(via blue) on one side and reverse occurs on the adjacent sides.

Each pivotable louvers with complementary shades on each of the three sides,  make the passage more playful. Students are encouraged to spin the triangular louvers and witness the changing colors while navigating through the passage.


Flexible space: Responding to multi-functional space requirements, the custom-designed collapsible partition is proposed. The sliding folding louver is corrugated with gradual-colored planes in one direction and clear glass panes in the other.

The partition separates the ‘teachers' lounge’ and ‘reception with the waiting area’ during regular periods. The two spaces when combined together, functions as a seminar hall.


Pantry: The passage runs a dark Grey wall on one side which folds and terminates into the pantry and baffles the seating from the preparation kitchen counter. The other facade of the passage is coloured louvers which connect the pantry to the lounge at the other end.