Avneesh Tiwari

He was born in Mumbai, India, Studied architecture at Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai. He worked in Mumbai for  couple of years and then moved to Ahmedabad to pursue his passion for design where he worked as an Associate Architect with Internationally renowned Architect Gurjit Singh (Matharoo Associates).

Working there for over 5years he concluded several projects in Institutional, residential and Commercial sectors.

Currently he heads his founding firm atArchitecture.

He's also a visiting professor at Rachana Academy of Architecture and Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai.

Neha Rane

Born in Mumbai, India Neha Rane has completed her graduation in 2010 from Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai. Her final year design thesis was regarding empowering the rural sector of the Katch region in Gujarat, where she proposed Art and Craft Centre in Bhuj.

Apart from this she has taken a specialized course in Earth Architecture from Earth Institute, Auroville.

Neha has gathered a rich work experience of over four years from reputed firms like HCPDPM and Vastu Shilpa Consultancy founded by legendary Architect B. V. Doshi, Ahmedabad, where she worked on Residential townships, Recreational and Hospitality projects.

She's the design head of her co-founding Company atArchitecture.



atArchitecture is a team of young professionals that takes on jobs of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Master Planning consultations.

atArchitecture developed a diverse and international body of design work involving cultural, residential, commercial and institutional projects, as well as masterplans and urban related projects.

The practice of atArchitecture works with a strong commitment for refining ideas and details, with a constructive tradition linked to vernacular knowledge and craftsmanship, but also technologically advanced. With a clear mastery of the architecture scales and measures, the office has a range of projects that vary from object design to an entire Institute masterplan.

The practice has developed a culture which encompasses and synthesizes diverse critical aspects of architecture - sustainability, aesthetic, cost efficiency, craft, and urban vitality. Our projects show a critical view on aspects of the modern architecture, and highlight the importance of structural accuracy and distinctness, construction viability, clarity in design language, and most importantly, a comprehension of the urban space as dialogue between architectural works

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