Ramp House, The beautiful house




Beauty!  A single word with infinite interpretations. These indeed are a result of 5 different senses we humans are blessed with: Touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight! To experience beauty, one needs to feel it through these senses exciting different human emotions.

House! An enclosure when inhabited becomes home. It is one of the living space where all the emotional activities are engaged.

Beauty of nature is through its existence whereas man came up with art, an applied beauty. This beauty is often influenced by the nature, but there is an intuitive sense which helps a man to come up with unique creations improving human habitation. Beauty in art is the outcome of such intuitive calls which help one think beyond the 5 senses along with rational design approach to functional requirements.

The Ramp House is a consciously designed piece of art intersecting beauty, nature and emotions. It is a sculpted enclosure of functional spaces which also offer a galley of experiences.



Orientation: Respecting the location of the old house and the emotional attachment with it, the proposed Ramp House shares the same footprint.  Design elements:

• Bliss: The house is conceptualized as a sloping glass house allowing the beauty of nature to penetrate through its transparent exterior walls and absorb into it.

• Amuse: The undulating nature of site topography is reflected in the gentle sloping planes of the house, giving an escalating tour of the house from entry to master bedroom through ramp. The slope also makes house wheelchair accessible.

• Repose: Every functional space is Flat Island drawn out of harmonious curves following circulation patterns in the house.

• Warmth: Desired curve edges are extruded to provide a free Baffle walls, serving with the necessary  seclusion and privacy.

• Awe inspiring: Vertical planes of various heights are covered by a continuous sloping roof, binding the house together with dynamic spaces.

• Therapeutic: Design features like central courtyard, helical stairs and an infinity pool overlooking at lake influence mentally and spiritually.    Spatial Juxtaposition:

• Above ground: All the spaces are juxtaposed around organic shaped courtyard. Every family member from their respective room enjoys framed landscape. All the living spaces enjoy the lake view along with master bedroom on top.

• Partly Sunken: Office and man caves are planned partly inside the ground to separate them from the main house areas. Partly sunken section of these spaces builds a healthy dialogue with the nature around. A lavish Swimming pool is also proposed at this level crossing the entire house.

• Below Ground: Media room, TV room and indoor play areas are in the basement level maintaining the acoustics and minimum built mass above ground.


Conclusion: A play of spaces, planes and nature, 'Ramp House' is a blend of existing natural beauty, users’ needs and architect’s intuitive design calls, resulting into a beautiful house!


Single family House, Competition Entry