Children's Shelter-


Location: Thane Slum, Mumbai

Use: Institutional

Date: Planned Completion 2018

Area: 2,500 sq.ft

Status: In Progress


Location: Bulgaria, Europe

Use: Sports, Recreational, Educational

Date: Concept Design, September 2013

Area: 2,50,000 sq.ft

Status: Competition Entry for

Collider Activity Centre

GVP Apartments

Location: Mumbai

Use: Residential

Date: 2015 - Planned Completion 2017

Area: 21,000 sq.ft

Status: Under Construction

Wrap House

Location: Varanasi, UP

Use: Private Residence

Date: 2014 - Planned Completion, 2016

Area: 3,500 sq.ft

Status: In Progress

Disaster Management Institute

Location: Istanbul,Turkey

Use: Educational, Recreational, Exhibition

Date: Concept Design, October 2011

Area: 2,60,000 sq.ft

Status: Competition Entry



Location: Borivali, Mumbai

Use: Apartment Interiors

Date: 2015- Planned Completion, 2016

Area: 1350 sq.ft

Status: In Progress



Location: Mumbai

Use: High Density Housing

Date: 2014 - Planned Completion 2016

Area: 1,20,000 sq.ft

Status: Under Construction


Location: Noida

Use: Retail, Hospitality, Commercial

Date: November 2010

Area: 6,40,000 sq.ft

Status: Competition Entry

IT Park, Belapur

Location: Belapur - Navi Mumbai

Use: Commercial, IT

Date: 2011 -

Area: 75,000 sq.ft

Status: Unbuilt

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