Home Within House




Home Within House

House: The settlement comprises of four main elements - clusters, collective facilities, recreational grounds and streets.

The clusters of apartments are oriented in North-South direction, to block the East and the West completely, reducing heat gain from the direct sun.

The collective facilities are the semi-open/enclosed double-heighted spaces, occurring at the end of each cluster.

The continuous row of clusters are broken by larger recreational and play grounds, in between.

The campus is served by simple loop roads and cycle tracks, interconnecting all the clusters, collective facilities and recreational spaces and converging at the

riverfront, which has been developed as a public space with market.

Home: Home is a part of a cluster, formed by the alternating pattern of voids and solids, respectively ensuring courtyards on both the sides of each apartment.

The utility courtyard with the kitchen garden and the semi open verandas act as an extension to the apartments and create a shared and efficient circulation.

A band of green open space is ensured by the community courtyard, overlooked from living areas of each apartment.

The courtyards, windows and ventilators aid passive cooling, cross ventilation and natural lighting, creating a comfortable micro-climate for the home.

Within: The envelope transit from open to enclosed space via a semi-open space in the form of verandas or balconies on either sides of each apartment, thus blurring

its boundaries.

The pattern and flow of the community spaces into the housing clusters, aids interaction at the community level and also ensures security.

The boxing for storage cabinets act as a protection against direct sun and rain for the recessed windows, which are alternated in position for privacy.

The layout of the apartment is kept simple with no permanent partitions or offsets in the rectangular plan, accounting for flexibility and efficiency of the space.

A ‘Home for the workers’ is created within the ‘House of their community’!



Winner Housing Design challenge 2018, Building International Trust, United Nations Development Programme - UNDP Cambodia, Phnom Penh SEZ